Welcome to The Association for the Advancement of American Industry (AAAI) - America’s New Industrial Revolution
The Association for the
Advancement of American Industry
Welcome to AAAI

AAAI - We are America’s New Industrial Revolution

For more than 200 years the United States of America has shone as a beacon of freedom, manufacturing expertise, technology advancement and entrepreneurial excellence across the globe. In recent times the world has become more volatile: terrorist actions, financial volatility, government takeover of private enterprise and oppressive government saber rattling have become common occurrences.

AAAI has been formed to provide educational and strategic planning expertise to American firms while rekindling the American spirit of cooperation between American enterprises with the common goal of long term viability and a growth in employment.

Why trust a vendor thousands of miles away on a separate continent in this unpredictable environment?
Support other American manufacturers and join AAAI - and make sure your suppliers are there for you no matter what is happening around the globe.